Partnerships & Collaborations


Survivability Wealth Management™  welcomes Expressions of Interest (EOI) for partnerships, collaborations, hosting private or public events, or other proposals.

Prospective partnerships & collaborators can also be in the form of inviting best selling author chairman khaled Fattal to keynote at expos, conferences, public or private events. Fattal’s Keynotes can cover:

  • Survivability Wealth Management™, “
  • Cyber Survivability”,
  • Why CyberSecurity is No longer the Keyword – “Survivability” in a Geo-Poli-Cyber™ Threatened World is,
  • Book Signing events of chairman Fattal’s upcoming book – ‘Survivability’.
  • Other specific topics can be requested.

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What Are
Cyber™ Risks?

What Is Geo-Poli-Cyber™?

MLi Group created the terms Poli-Cyber™ and Geo-Poli-Cyber™ (GPC™) in 2012 and 2013 based on the philosophy that if you cannot identify and name the threat, you cannot mitigate that threat.

Geo-Poli-Cyber™ attacks are political, ideological, terrorist, extremist, ‘religious’, and/or geo-politically motivated.

More Sinister Than Financial Motivations

Geo-Poli-Cyber™ attacks are significantly different from financially motivated cyber-attacks in damage, scale, magnitude as well as in risk mitigation strategies and solutions.

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